Back-to-School Special: 5 Benefits of Outdoor Learning

By Ten Strands|September 9, 2021

As students and educators return to the classroom, they encounter a challenging new world fueled by a global pandemic and academic inequality. Outdoor learning is helping to reimagine the educational environment and inspire the next generation of change-makers.


Increased Connection: School closures and distance learning deprived students of the interpersonal magic of shared learning exercises. Outdoor activities can provide the perfect hands-on experiences to rebuild a collaborative culture.

Student Safety: More time spent outdoors encourages distancing and provides a more healthy learning environment.

Mental Health: Classroom structure is proven to impact the mental health of students. Providing them with new and imaginative open spaces can reduce anxiety and stress.

Community Engagement: Schools across the country have utilized outdoor spaces in local parks and public areas that tie children to the community around them. See case studies of the National Outdoor Learning Initiative.

Individualized learning: Leaving the structured confines of the classroom creates a more equitable learning environment where more students have the opportunity to thrive in unconventional settings.

Ten Strands
This article was written by Ten Strands

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