About Us

Our name, Ten Strands, illustrates our approach: We weave together people and strategies to form strong education partnerships with the goal of increasing environmental literacy throughout the system of public education.

We bring existing resources, stakeholders, and expertise together, with a focus on equity, inclusion, and cultural relevance. We do not duplicate what is already being done or what others can do better. Instead, we act as an incubator and a catalyst to create collaborations, build capacity, and transform systems to increase their impact and sustainability.

We work collaboratively with state government, local education agencies, environmental education providers, community-based organizations, and funders to ensure that teachers have access to high-quality instructional materials that address Common Core State Standards, Next Generation Science Standards, History–Social Science Standards, and support English language learners. We foster efforts to infuse environmental themes into core subjects and empower teachers to use the environment as a context for learning both inside and outside the classroom. By supporting professional development opportunities, teachers can provide students with engaging environment-based educational experiences.