Author: Zoe Tsai

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Zoe Tsai

Zoe Tsai is a junior at Burlingame High School. She enjoys going outside and doing activities such as swimming in the ocean, exploring and hiking new and forgotten places, and enjoying Mother Nature in general. Over the past few years, Zoe gained knowledge about the detrimental effects of climate change and the quickening pace that it was taking in terms of destroying the Earth. Spurred by this information, Zoe has begun to focus on educating others while enacting change in her community that could have beneficial ripple effects elsewhere. Zoe is a Youth Climate Ambassador and was part of the team that created a native plant and succulent garden at Burlingame High School. Deviating from environmentalism, Zoe also enjoys playing soccer and other sports as well as being a babysitter and camp counselor.

Olivia Johnson

This article is part of our Youth Voices series. At Ten Strands we believe that young people have valuable perspectives and a critical role in shaping our society and our world. We recognize their power to drive dialogue and create positive change, and are committed to providing a platform which amplifies their contributions. (The article was […]