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Linda Rasmussen

Lifelong learning is important to Linda Rasmussen, and it's a value she's tried to pass along to her students throughout her 30 year teaching career. She received her master's degree in San Diego and spent most of her career in the Poway Unified School District, where Rasmussen earned the title of Teacher of the Year. Frequent interactive projects and class field trips keep her students engaged at Highland Ranch Elementary School, where Rasmussen uses the Environmental Education Initiative (EEI) Curriculum as a foundation for her lessons. "The units are all formatted the same way, so once you have taught one, the others follow the same structure which makes it so easy for us teachers." Rasmussen's taught all of the third grade science and social science EEI units and describes them as amazing. She's impressed at how the material addresses the unique learning styles of her students. EEI's integration of Common Core and Next Generation Science Standards leave more time for Rasmussen to plan hands-on projects, like her student's involvement in Journey North's citizen science project to help track the migration of Monarch butterflies.

Linda Rasmussen

Back to School: Welcome to Room 101

Posted by Linda Rasmussen on September 16, 2015

Welcome to a new year of learning in Room 101! Our class is filled with twenty-seven third graders and me—the one who has learned with and from my students for 30 years. As you look around the room you might notice Julius Squeezer, our 35-year-old rosy boa on the science table. Or you might head […]