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Lela Ward

Lela Ward has been teaching in the Menlo Park City School District for nineteen years. She has spent most of those years teaching fourth grade, with a four-year term as a district TOSA. She is now in her second year with the Environmental Teacher Solutionary Fellowship. Lela loves curriculum development, particularly when focused on the environment and student activism, and she is passionate about preserving our beautiful Earth and educating young people.

Lela Ward

My Journey as a Solutionary

Posted by Lela Ward on May 4, 2023

Today, we’re highlighting the story of Lela Ward, a teacher from Menlo Park City School District, who participated in our Environmental Solutionary Teacher Fellowship (ESTF). ESTF brings together teachers, professional learning and academic standards experts, and community-based partners to integrate environmental and climate justice and knowledge-to-action solutionary teaching and learning into their curriculum.