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Karen Swan

Karen Swan is the Youth Leadership Programs Director at the Center for Land-Based Learning, which she joined in 2007 as the Sacramento Valley FARMS Leadership Coordinator, and serves as the CREEC Region 3 Co-Coordinator. In addition to her role there, she now also directs GreenCorps, coordinates the San Joaquin FARMS Leadership Program, and assists with the SLEWS Academy. Additionally, Karen mentors graduates of SLEWS, FARMS Leadership, and GreenCorps. Karen is passionate about educating the next generation of Californians, particularly first generation college students, about our food system, and about the variety of promising careers in agriculture and natural resources.

Deborah Bruns

“A free-flowing river—the last of its kind—winds through 80 miles of rich habitat. Down the western side of the Sierra Nevada and across the Central Valley, the Cosumnes River flows through farmland, pastures, rare oak woodlands, and wetlands that support migrating birds. Because no dams block its flow, salmon still spawn in its waters.” ~ […]