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Eric Guilyardi

Eric Guilyardi is a climate scientist at LOCEAN-IPSL in France and a professor of climate science at NCAS-Climate, University of Reading, in the UK. He has published over one hundred papers in peer-reviewed journals on topics including tropical climate variability, El Niño, ocean and climate, decadal variability and predictability, climate change, multi-model analysis, and state-of-the-art climate model development and software infrastructures. Eric Guilyardi was the lead author for IPCC AR5 and contributing author for IPCC AR6. He sits on a number of scientific committees and was co-chair of the international CLIVAR Research Focus on "ENSO in a changing climate."

He is active in public outreach and is promoting the expansion of science studies in the climate science community. He is currently president of the Office for Climate Education, under the auspices of UNESCO, which develops climate change education resources and professional development for teachers. In 2021 he was appointed a member of the CNRS Ethics Committee and of the French National Education Scientific Council.

Eric Guilyardi

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