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Crystal Howe

Crystal Howe has been a science educator in San Diego for 18 years. She has a degree in chemistry from University of California, San Diego, a master's in educational leadership, and is a National Board certified teacher. As a science coordinator, Crystal’s focus at the San Diego County Office of Education is to bring an environmental lens to the work of science instruction. She is excited about the opportunities that California's Next Generation Science Standards and the Environmental Principles and Concepts give students to build understanding of their impact on the world, and take positive actions to better communities.

Teaching robust Next Generation Science Standards (NGSS) lessons can be challenging, so asking teachers to center instruction on local environmental phenomena can make the task feel overwhelming. For the last six years, we’ve been introducing teachers in San Diego to local environmental phenomena that can be used as a focus for instruction both in and […]

The first weekend of December marked a high-point in my work as a California Regional Environmental Education Community (CREEC) coordinator. Thanks to the support of Ten Strands and the Leonardo DiCaprio Foundation, I attended my first CREEC Professional Learning Conference at San Luis Obispo’s Rancho El Chorro Conference & Retreat Center. During the time we […]