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Bruce Holaday

Bruce Holaday has been Director of Educational Advancement for Wildlife Associates since 2010. He also serves as a member on California's State Board of Education. He was formerly the director of Newpoint Tampa High School from 2009–2010 and director of the Oakland Military Institute from 2004–2009. He served in multiple positions at Culver Academies from 1976–2004, including Development Director, Director of Summer Programs, and English teacher.

Bruce Holaday

When Animals are the Teachers

Posted by Bruce Holaday on February 16, 2018

As a child growing up on a small lake in the Midwest, I spent my summer days in a little wooden dinghy exploring and learning about my wild neighbors: the muskrats, sunfish, bass, snakes, minnows, turtles, waterfowl, snails, and more. Those years of feeling connected to, and part of, the natural world influenced so much […]