Author: Andrew Yeung

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Andrew Yeung

Andrew Yeung, educational director for MYN, is a community-based educator and organizer learning and laboring at the intersections of gender, race, class; power, violence, authority; and education as freedom-struggle. Andrew was born in San Gabriel, California—the unceded territories of Kizh and Tongva peoples—and raised by East Asian, working-class immigrant parents. They now work to be a good guest and neighbor on unceded Lisjan Ohlone land. For over ten years, Andrew has labored to de-center and dismantle the school-prison nexus; to co-create, mentor, and steward the agency and emancipatory spirit of Black, Indigenous, youth of color; and alongside youth leaders, reclaim the dignity of education as a practice of freedom. Andrew also labors as a core organizer with Teachers for Social Justice and co-leads a neighborhood mutual aid project. In previous capacities, Andrew has served as a writing mentor with the Asian Prisoner Support Committee, as the board secretary of Richmond LAND, and as economic justice program manager at the RYSE Youth Center. He is also a retired punk, polite anarchist, and Wikipedia enthusiast.