The California Subject Matter Project

The California Subject Matter Project is a network of nine discipline-based projects that provide rigorous professional development for K–12 educators to enhance learning for all students. With a network comprising the nine projects—History–Social Science, Science, International Studies, Mathematics, Physical Education–Health, Reading and Literature, World Language, Writing, Arts—CSMP encompasses the course content represented in California’s K–12 standards and frameworks, and covers all of the academic disciplines required to meet college entrance (“a-g”) requirements. Through 90 regional sites statewide, CSMP creates communities of practice that promote high-quality teaching, leadership, and educational equity.

We are currently working with three of the Projects: the History–Social Science Project, The International Studies Project, and the Science Project.

We partner with the California Subject Matter Project on the following work:

Environmental and Climate Change Literacy Projects

Ten Strands partners with the University of California (UC) and California State University (CSU) systems and key entities to advance PK–12 climate and environmental literacy, justice, and action through this innovative arrangement.…