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Senator Ben Allen’s proposal passes, providing funds to create new open education resource (OER) curriculum units for K–12 students. SACRAMENTO — Governor Gavin Newsom, on July 9, signed into law landmark legislation that will allocate $6 million for the creation of free educational resources on climate change and environmental justice. The momentous bill was signed […]

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June 29, 2021 Newsletter

Posted by Ten Strands on June 29, 2021

This week we are sharing an article by Ten Strands’ founder and president, Will Parish, that describes the need for the state’s public education system to prepare students to understand the complexity of human interdependence with the environment, the disproportionate impact of climate change on low-income communities and communities of color, and how to take action to influence and […]

Doron Markus

“What do you want to be when you grow up?” is one of the most common questions we ask our children. Their answers are bound only by their imagination and experiences. But we adults don’t ask that question with any real expectation that children will actually pursue the careers that they share or just because […]

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June 15, 2021 Newsletter

Posted by Ten Strands on June 15, 2021

This week we are sharing an article by Doron Markus, San Mateo County Office of Education’s career and STEM success coordinator, that proposes incorporating environmentally-sustainable and socially-responsible behaviors and practices in K–12 career education.

Ten Strands

May 19, 2021 Newsletter

Posted by Ten Strands on May 19, 2021

We interviewed staff members of the Park Day School in Oakland, California. You can read all about the inspiring school, district, and county case studies.

Karen Cowe

At the end of 2020, Karen Cowe, Ten Strands’ CEO, and Linda Livers, Ten Strands’ consultant, interviewed three staff members of the Park Day School in Oakland, California: Angela Taylor, head of school; Jennifer Cooper, facilities manager; and Josie Shapiro, director of admissions. This interview was originally published as a case study on the National […]

Allie Rigby

Creative writing, poetry, and placemaking are all ways to connect complex scientific ideas and to explore relationships to the environment. Writing, and the various ways in which humans share ideas and stories, is also part of a longer tradition of storytelling. For thousands of years, humans have expanded the confines of language to define and […]