Mary Perry

Change can be hard. That’s true for us individually but it’s even more true when we’re trying to change the systems in which our work, including education, takes place. California’s approach to curriculum and instruction offers a case in point. The decision about what gets taught in any individual classroom ultimately comes down to a […]

Roni Jones

Earlier this summer, Ten Strands convened the community- and student-centered organizations selected to create curricular resources that will help teachers increase their students’ understanding of climate change and environmental justice, leading to impactful action in their communities as part of the Climate Change and Environmental Justice Program (CCEJP). The units will be designed to provide […]

Ten Strands

Oct. 6, 2022 Newsletter

Posted by Ten Strands on October 7, 2022

Learn about the creation of the new Presidio Tunnel Tops in San Francisco, and read our new staff member’s Statement of Purpose.

Christy Rocca

The Presidio of San Francisco, which serves the community with outdoor experiences and acts as a hub for the Golden Gate National Recreation Area, was given a golden opportunity: a necessary highway redesign resulted in a chance to add 14 new acres of parkland with visitor amenities on top of the highway tunnels. Committed donors […]

Jeffrey Dowling

In my first year of teaching I worked at a small public school in the Oakland Unified School District. The school included both middle and high school and in that first year I taught middle school physical science, high school chemistry, and an advisory class. I had done my student teaching in the San Francisco […]

Ten Strands

Ten Strands and the University of California, Irvine (UCI) School of Education are excited to announce Dr. Kelley Lê as the inaugural executive director of the Environmental and Climate Change Literacy Projects (ECCLPs) at UCI, furthering its mission to ensure all California public school students are prepared to address the environmental challenges and inequities associated with the worsening climate change.