Data Initiative for Environmental and Climate Action in California’s TK–12 Schools

Ten Strands is partnering with UndauntedK12 to lead the Data Initiative for Environmental and Climate Action in California’s TK–12 Schools.

The environmental literacy and sustainable and climate-resilient schools movement in California is in a transition between laying foundational elements for broad-scale change and moving toward taking implementation to scale in every school across California. Foundational components include buy-in at the grassroots and decision-making level, policy change, early implementation pilot investments and projects, cohesion of state-wide networks, etc. During the scaling implementation stage, it is critical to use an equity-informed, data-driven approach, to accelerate advancement, with the intention of prioritizing those that have been the most underserved and those that are experiencing the most environmental injustice.  

Currently released in beta, the data initiative’s database identifies key demographic indicators related to need and tracks readiness and progress on high impact leverage points for change, such as school board policies, bond measures, and investments in environmental and climate initiatives and staff to lead these initiatives.

The data in this initiative can be used in a number of strategic ways that include, but are not limited to: 

  • Statewide Analysis: The data supports research, policy, and advocacy efforts as it provides patterns and trends of action and inaction, and it shows to what extent action is taking place in regions with those who are most marginalized or experiencing the highest levels of environmental injustice. The data initiative also provides key information about some of the supportive context indicators that may be critical for catalyzing and institutionalizing environmental change. Additionally, it can be used for analyzing where strategic investments can be made to spur environmental action at schools and beyond.  
  • Local Implementation: The data included in this project are also useful for local implementation as it helps to identify entry points to get school communities further engaged with environmental and climate action, and it can help to identify potential regional partnerships. 

Learn more about the data initiative and interact with the beta site here.



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