Will Parish

With everything that cycles through my mind day after day, water has been cropping up at increasingly frequent intervals. More specifically, the dearth of rainfall here in the Bay Area as California enters its third consecutive dry winter. San Francisco, which started recording rainfall 164 years ago, has had only 5.59 inches of rain since […]

Karen Cowe

Hey, what’s the big idea?

Posted by Karen Cowe on January 13, 2014

I’m a big fan of graphic novels. I especially like when they take hard-to-grasp subjects or big ideas and successfully break them down so they are accessible to many more people than just experts. One of my favorites is Osamu Tezuka’s eight volume story, Buddha. In the same way, I love the Royal Society for the Encouragement of […]

Will Parish

Education – the Changing Climate

Posted by Will Parish on December 10, 2013

I recently attended the STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics) conference in Sacramento, CA and was impressed with the pace of educational change. I was especially encouraged that several sessions on STEM and NGSS (Next Generation Science Standards) demonstrated an interest in incorporating Environmental Education into the frameworks and standards.