Author: Skyla Lumbard

About Skyla

Skyla Lumbard

Skyla is a Junior at Williams College, class of 2025. She is majoring in environmental studies and is the co-president of Disabled Student Union. Skyla is currently an intern at Ten Strands helping to plan the California Youth Climate Policy (CYCP) Leadership Program and will be staying on as a mentor for the program through the rest of the summer and the fall semester. Some of her passions and interests include animal rescue, thrifting, and building rain gardens. Some of her hobbies are sewing, singing, and making her own fun with friends. Some of her values are sustainability, fairness, and care for others, which she incorporates into her personal relationships as well as her everyday life and the way she interacts with people, animals, and the world around her. Skyla hopes to use the skills and experiences she gained from this internship to pursue a career as an environmental data analyst or to find work at an environmental or climate justice organization.