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Sarah Ranney

Sarah Ranney has served as chair of the San Francisco Bay Chapter Climate Literacy Committee since 2017 and sits on the Environment and Climate Commission for the City of Berkeley. In both roles, she works to engage communities around the importance of understanding climate change in order to take action. Sarah studied geosciences and environmental studies in college before embarking on a career in marketing. Despite her conventional career track, her coursework on the environment and climate permanently shaped her worldview and choices as a citizen, voter, and consumer, and she believes it’s a civic value from which all students (and adults) can benefit. Sarah balances her commitments to volunteerism and civic engagement with her career as a VP of Account Management for a digital marketing company. She lives in Berkeley with her husband, Mike, and their two fantastic elementary-aged kids, Jackson and Sammy. To learn more and get involved with the work of the Climate Literacy Committee, visit