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Laura Honda

Laura Dax Honda has taught just about every subject during her 25 years as an educator, but environmental education is admittedly her specialty. Her innovative teaching methods and emphasis on student-centered classroom activities helped garnered her a Distinguished Science Teacher of the Year award from the California State Teachers Association. Honda's passion in this area helped propel her district in Fairfax from a field tester to a pilot district to an early adopter of the Environmental Education Initiative (EEI) curriculum. "I believe that there is nothing more important that we can do for our children." Honda knew she wanted to be involved the moment she heard about EEI; especially the hands-on aspect of the 85-unit curriculum and its integration of Common Core & Next Generation Science Standards. When she's not teaching her fourth graders, Honda leads the Green Team at Manor School and coordinates the annual Environmental Education Science Fair. She says she wants every student to receive a solid environmental education and believes EEI is the key to making that happen.