Author: Kevin Malaekeh

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Kevin Malaekeh

Kevin Malaekeh is a senior at Del Oro High School. Growing up, Kevin always loved being outdoors, and he had an appreciation for nature. Living in California, Kevin experienced the effects of climate change firsthand. He was saddened by the disastrous effects that multiyear droughts and wildfires had on the environment around him. Starting in high school, he decided to take action on climate change by creating an environmental club and making his school and community more environmentally friendly. By creating the Youth Climate Action Coalition, he hopes to spread his message to schools and communities across America and help mitigate the consequences caused by climate change.

Jack Galloway

This article is part of our Youth Voices series. At Ten Strands we believe that young people have valuable perspectives and a critical role in shaping our society and our world. We recognize their power to drive dialogue and create positive change, and are committed to providing a platform which amplifies their contributions. Last fall, the […]