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Kelly M. Kell is the Marketing and Outreach Manager for CalRecycle’s Office of Education and the Environment. She has more than eight years’ experience working for the State of California and has a background in public relations and outreach. Kelly started her career in the corporate communications office of the California State Lottery where she worked on raising awareness of lottery winners and helped establish the lottery’s social media channels. She later served as a Public Information Officer for the California Energy Commission’s research and development program and was part of the team charged with developing a marketing and outreach plan for the California Public Utilities Commission’s Electric Program Investment Charge. She graduated from California State University, Sacramento with a Bachelors of Arts in history and a minor in communication studies.

Kelly M. Kell

Making Sense of the NGSS

Posted by Kelly M. Kell on August 10, 2016

A Non-Science Person’s Perspective I’ve never been a “science person.” By this I mean I didn’t care for science classes when I was a student. I remember taking physical science, biology, and chemistry in high school because they were required to attend university, but I don’t remember enjoying them. I’ve always chocked this up to […]