Author: Kavita Gupta

About Kavita

Kavita Gupta

During her 20+ years as a public high school teacher, Kavita Gupta has worked tirelessly to bring access and relevance to science education nationwide alongside policymakers and educators. She has been selected to speak at national events, planned national conferences (including the STEM Forum and Expo and the National Science Teachers’ Association’s National Conference), had her works published in educational journals, and won accolades from leading higher education institutions such as Stanford and Massachusetts Institute of Technology for her outstanding teaching methods. She was named inaugural National Geographic Teacher of the Year, and was featured in the National Geographic documentary Women of Impact for her contributions to environmental literacy. Kavita works with hundreds of Bay Area high school students to organize an annual youth climate action summit to build a sustainable future for humanity.

As an educator for over 20 years, I have started questioning the goal of education.  With an overemphasis on grades and testing, sometimes the things that matter the most—such as learning about climate change—get put on the back burner.  To bring environmental literacy and advocacy to the forefront, and educate high school students about climate […]