Author: Jedda Foreman

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Jedda Foreman

Jedda Foreman is a project director at the Lawrence Hall of Science at the University of California, Berkeley. She is a district liaison for BaySci, and the lead facilitator for district partnerships focused on environmental literacy. In these roles, Jedda works face-to-face with school districts, school and county superintendents, executive directors, teachers, principals, communities of practice, researchers, and evaluators across a variety of formal and informal environmental education contexts.

Adam Frost

What does environmental education look like?  Picture it in your mind: You’re likely imagining school children trekking through the woods en route to a team-building exercise, stopping to do leaf rubbings and other nature observations along the way. While this may be the traditional notion of environmental education, it is not representative of the opportunities […]

Terri Elkin

This year’s annual Green Schools Conference and Expo in St. Paul, Minnesota brought together education leaders, community-based organizations, architects, curriculum-writers, and others under the theme of “Advancing Sustainable Schools for All.”  The conference was a mix of inspiration and celebration, and breakout sessions were full of practical ideas for moving forward at the local and […]