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Constance Moore

Constance Moore is an artist and educator based in Oakland, California. She earned her MA from Brown University in museum studies, her MFAIA from Goddard College, and holds a single subject teaching credential in the visual arts. Constance is the arts integration specialist and art studio teacher at Maya Lin School in Alameda, California. Constance has taught in the Integrated Learning Specialist Program (formerly of Alameda County Office of Education) and co-leads and facilitates Our Changing Planet for Alameda Unified School District. As an educator, Constance uses the work and processes of contemporary artists to help students connect to and express environmental and social justice concerns. She shares her students’ love of color, and hopes to transmit their spirit and freshness into her work. Her interdisciplinary art practice is rooted in the power and meaning of storytelling, often borrowing from and reimagining natural forms. Constance is concerned with presence, creating work about people, objects, and ideas that are felt but not always seen in this world. You can see her illustrations in the children’s book Brown: The Many Shades of Love (Cameron, 2020).

Constance Moore

Our Changing Planet

Posted by Constance Moore, Trena Noval on September 15, 2020

Environmental justice IS community building. They go hand in hand. And when we include all people and perspectives, we bring creativity and learning to our practice and world. ~Our Changing Planet teacher At 22, our first US Youth Poet Laureate, Amanda Gorman, has given us wisdom to live by: We don’t burst into a new […]