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Bryan Ehlers

Bryan Ehlers is CalRecycle’s assistant director for education and environmental affairs. He is responsible for overseeing implementation of California’s landmark Education and the Environment Initiative curriculum, including coordination with local, state, and federal agencies, and development of public-private partnerships. Prior to joining CalRecycle, Bryan served as the assistant secretary for education and quality programs at CalEPA, a consultant with the California State Senate Budget and Fiscal Review Committee, and a budget analyst with the Department of Finance. Prior to his work in government, Bryan taught elementary and middle school students for three years in the Hayward Unified School District, and worked with emotionally disturbed youth in the woods of New Hampshire.

California just did something big. It didn’t get a lot of headlines, clicks, or television news coverage, but it will fundamentally transform the way we teach our 6.2 million students. The California Board of Education voted to include five key Environmental Principles and Concepts as part of the state’s new framework for how to teach […]