Professional Learning

We work with our partners to provide teachers with high-quality professional learning opportunities so they can engage students in successful learning.

To be successful, students need to learn key skills—such as critical thinking, problem solving, and communication—and meet academic goals. Teachers need access to high-quality professional learning experiences that help them keep students engaged while they impart key skills and teach state standards to mastery.

  • We partner with CalRecycle’s Office of Education and the Environment to support production of their teacher professional learning webinars. The webinars enlist master teachers to introduce content, pedagogy and best practices to educators who are interested in using the EEI Curriculum to incorporate the Environmental Principles and Concepts into their lessons.
  • We partner with the San Mateo County Office of Education to offer the San Mateo Environmental Learning Collaborative, which provides area K–8 teachers with a unique opportunity to participate in professional learning focused on teaching the Next Generation Science Standards using project-based learning and the local environment.
  • We partnered with the Marin County Office of Education on the Advancing Teaching and Learning in the Arts and Sciences (ATLAS) program. This professional learning offering is designed to provide a sustainable pathway for every student to participate in integrated STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts​, and ​Math) learning across the North Bay region. Full implementation is set for summer 2019, with over 60 educators and local nonformal education partners—including NatureBridge, Slide Ranch, the Marin Mammal Center, WildCare,, and One Tam—participating.

Our partners in this work:



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State Education and Environment Roundtable

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San Mateo County Office of Education

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