University of California, Berkeley’s Data Science Discovery Program

The University of California, Berkeley’s Data Science Discovery Program launched in July 2019 to leverage Berkeley’s preeminence in research and excellence across disciplines to propel data science discovery, education, and impact.

Faculty and students from across campus helped shape the vision and foundations for the Division of Computing, Data Science, and Society, which mirrors the cross-cutting nature of data science and redefines the research university for the digital age.

The program is meeting the challenges and opportunities presented by a world increasingly informed and shaped by data, machine learning, and artificial intelligence in virtually every arena, from health to business to politics, from our cities to the climate and the cosmos.

The Division’s dynamic structure connects computing, statistics, the humanities, and social and natural sciences to create a vibrant and collaborative environment that accelerates breakthrough research across scientific and technological frontiers.

Core to the Division is an understanding of how computing and data science affect equality, equity, and opportunity—and the capacity to respond to social challenges.

Photo Credit: Desola Lanre-Ologun

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