Every Student in California Can Achieve Environmental Literacy

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California Environmental Literacy Initiative

Ten Strands leads the California Environmental Literacy Initiative (CAELI) to create a system of support in California that enables all students to have local, standards- and environment-based experiences that enhance […]

Environmental Principles and Concepts

California’s Environmental Principles and Concepts have a timely and relevant place in the new state frameworks. In 2003, the California Education and the Environment Initiative, Assembly Bill 1548, was passed by California’s legislature […]

Professional Learning

To be successful, students need to learn key skills—such as critical thinking, problem solving, and communication—and meet academic goals. Teachers need access to high-quality professional learning experiences that help them […]

Every student in California can achieve environmental literacy, and all students deserve the opportunity to understand, interact, and connect with their environment in meaningful ways that promote learning and growth. Ten Strands acts as a connector, building partnerships and forging pathways to ensure that California’s K–12 students receive a high-quality education with an environmental component. Together, we can create a healthy future for our planet and its inhabitants.

Stories About Environmental Learning

Jan. 6, 2022 Newsletter

January 6, 2022

Chaffey High School junior Alison Walls contributes an important piece about the connection between air quality and quality [...]

Nov. 30, 2021 Newsletter

December 7, 2021

Lori Kiesser, the development officer for the Orange County Department of Education’s Inside the Outdoors (ITO), recounts the [...]