Press Releases

Ten Strands

Ten Strands recently celebrated the successful completion of the California Youth Climate Policy Leadership Program (CYCP), a collaborative initiative with the Sierra Club and UndauntedK12. Over the span of five months, forty-six high school students from fifteen counties and twenty-five school districts in California passionately engaged in advocacy campaigns. These efforts aimed to secure school board policies endorsing climate literacy and empowering young leaders to drive climate action in their communities.

Climate-Ready Schools Coalition

In a bid to equitably direct state resources towards urgently needed clean energy upgrades, over 700 educators, 169 health professionals, over 60 students, labor advocates, and 35 organizations submitted letters today urging California Gov. Gavin Newsom to support SB 394 (Gonzalez), which would create a master plan for sustainable and climate-resilient schools.

Ten Strands

Today, a coalition of more than fifty stakeholders released a new report urging California leaders to make a cost-effective, ten-year $150 billion investment to ensure TK–12 public schools can remain open, safe, and healthy places for children as the impacts of climate change become more frequent and extreme.