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Ten Strands

Learn about the integral role of the Office for Climate Education (OCE), established after the Paris Agreement ratification, in elevating the importance of education in solving the climate crisis. Explore OCE’s initiatives, including TeachersCOP, an international event highlighting educators’ essential contributions to global climate education!

Ten Strands

Explore how Concord Consortium’s STEM education technology research and development expertise is shaping how California students will discern and synthesize data. As a CCEJP anchor organization, Concord Consortium offers data tools and support to the curriculum writing teams so all curricular resources will use digital resources to engage deeply, justly, and equitably with STEM concepts.

Naomie Chien

A second-generation immigrant daughter, Naomie is a rising senior at the Nueva School in San Mateo who joined climate activists on an advocacy trip to Capitol Hill to push Congress to take action on climate change education. Learn about Naomie’s upbringing and her passion for tackling the climate crisis.

Milton Reynolds

CCEJP steering committee member Milton Reynolds—San Francisco Bay Area-based career educator, author, equity and inclusion consultant, and activist—shares his reflections about the exciting convening that centered community, social justice, and thoughtful curiosity.