Environmental Justice

Jeffrey Dowling

In my first year of teaching I worked at a small public school in the Oakland Unified School District. The school included both middle and high school and in that first year I taught middle school physical science, high school chemistry, and an advisory class. I had done my student teaching in the San Francisco […]

Marwa Abdelghani

Approximately 400 climate activists gathered in person and virtually last week to recommit to the fight for environmental literacy in PK–12 education systems across California. Ten Strands was proud to join our partners at the Environmental and Climate Change Literacy Projects (ECCLPs) (Re)Launch event to re-engage major collaborators in climate and environmental literacy, justice, and […]

Jahmal Corner

“Not everything that is faced can be changed. But nothing can be changed until it is faced.” – James Baldwin One of my favorite spots in the Pacific Northwest, where I’m from, is a small Seattle neighborhood known as Mt. Baker. It’s tucked between Lake Washington and Rainier Valley, offering an array of parks, beach […]

Shane Carter

Future Imperfect podcast host Shane Carter is helping both young people and adults understand how climate change is affecting their California regions. We spoke to Carter about her journey through California as an environmental voice. Can you tell us how you came to work in this space and arrived at Future Imperfect? SC: I was […]

Ten Strands

April 8, 2022 Newsletter

Posted by Ten Strands on April 8, 2022

We interviewed Terra Linda High School junior Sarah Mondesir about her unique project, “Flavor Profiles,” a cookbook that tells the story of Black women who have lost their lives through police violence.

Sarah Mondesir

This article is part of our Youth Voices series. At Ten Strands we believe that young people have valuable perspectives and a critical role in shaping our society and our world. We recognize their power to drive dialogue and create positive change, and are committed to providing a platform which amplifies their contributions. Sarah Mondesir, a […]